About us

DANNOUN Group and its sister concerns namely is a 25 years old company specializing in fields of support, development consulting, supply and implementation. It has two sister concerns by the name M & Y Technology which has been established in Hawalli Area-Kuwait in 1988 and has been transferred to Montreal-Canada in 2009, concerning all Safety, Security and Industry, and DANNOUN FOODS which is based on all kinds of International Commodities. The group has a network of partners scattered around 50 countries in the world and focus in providing services like developing, consulting, supplying and trading. It is this comprehensive array of Industrial solutions & General Trading (Import & Export) that are responsible for increasing our connectivity, the productivity and the efficiency of services for the customers. We believe in the flexibility of the services and because of that customers find us to be reliable. They completely rely on our services.

We are there to keep our customers informed about the latest news related to the products, oil products, chemical products, airport projects, services and commodities that will meet your changing needs. Our motive is to ensure complete flexibility in our services so that none of queries and demands of our customers are unanswered. The services provided by us are leading in different industrial sector like manufacturing, residential and government solution and transportation. We do not claim ourselves to be a unique company but do ensure that the services provided by us are unique in nature so that we can make ourselves distinguished in the eyes of our customers.

We have professional offices round the globe so that we are there are for our customers distributed around in different nations of the world. Our area of coverage starts from the construction of new projects to the different type of technical innovations. The coverage delivered is up to the expectation and requirements of the C-level executives and also the decision makers so as to keep themselves to work with us. We keep updated with the changing era of the industry. It is because DANNOUN Group, besides M & Y Technology and DANNOUN FOODS is considered as the key point in the reference of the industrial sector.

It is the motive of every company to keep pace with the market trends and flow in conjunction with the needs of the customers. We also share the same motivation. The world class leading services provided have made our customers trust in us.