Chicken and Chicken Parts

DANNOUN FOODS is amongst the largest suppliers of Chicken and Chicken Parts in the world. We import Poultry, Chicken and other chicken products from Brazil, Argentina, USA, Canada, Malaysia, India, Ukraine as well as Romania. Few of the Chicken and Chicken related products offered globally and locally under the brand name of DANNOUN FOODS include:

    • Whole Chicken (Grilled/Boiled) from 800 gram to 1500 gram (With or without Giblets)
    • Whole Chicken Breast Bone-in skin-on
    • Whole Chicken Breast Boneless Skinless
    • Chicken Breast Halves Skinless Boneless
    • Raw Chicken Chicken Breast Fillet Chicken Feet

    • Leg Boneless Skin-on & Leg Boneless Skinless
    • Innerfillet
    • Thigh Boneless Skin-on & Thigh Boneless Skinless
    • Chicken Leg Quarters & Whole Leg Bon-in Skin-on
    • Drumstick Bone-in Skin-on & Thigh Bone-in Skin-on
    • Baked Chicken Thighs Chicken Drumstick Grilled Chicken WIngs

    • 3 Joint Wings, Chicken Middle Joint Wings
    • Chicken Shawarma& Chicken parts marinated
    • Wingstick (Drumettes) & Chicken Wing Tip
    • Pizza Chicken (small, Medium and large)
    • Chicken nuggets & hotdog
    • Chicken Heart, Gizzard, Liver, Paws, Feet, Chicken Back, Neck (Skin-on & Skinless)
    • Raw Chicken Roasted Chicken WIngs Skinless Chicken Breast

At DANNOUN FOODS, our entire focus is not on the distribution, but also quality. During the time of packaging, hygienic conditions are maintained at the packaging center. Latest and innovative packaging methods are used to ensure the freshness in chicken. We have the team of packagers who make everything easy for us. The packaged chickens are disease free, and we can guarantee on it.

Order your requirements to us and we will be ready to ship it as soon as possible.