Company Profile

DANNOUN Group and its sister concerns M & Y Technology, AL-Mustshat Financial Advisors and DANNOUN FOODS have proved to be a key point of reference for the customers. We have been serving our customers and catering to their needs for the past 25 years. We embrace vast network of our business partners extended to around 50 countries across the world. We have partnered ourselves with the world’s leading manufacturer who has worked with us over the years to provide a reliable, high quality, consistent and innovative services to our customers. We have our principal partners in the petroleum, chemical and energy industry who have been serving the needs of the oil and gas customers.

We have been maintaining our products in the global market and our customers form an integral part of our business without whom it is possible to survive. We have our official branches in most parts of the world like the United States of America, Iraq, Kuwait, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Nigeria and Ghana. We have our head office in the Montreal Canada. Our expert and experimental knowledge is also widespread in the African market that mainly focuses on Gold and Diamonds.

Our business sector focuses on safety and security, energy, photochemical, heavy duty instruments, oil and Gas instruments, piping and tubing, biomedical instrumentation, engineering consultation, Project management, risk management, construction and sewage pipes. Financial analysis and Forex market, food products and beverages, airport infrastructures, advertising screens, chemical industry that manufactures chemical substances like water treatment, urea, caustic soda, furfural and cement, Livestock export trade like buffalo, sheep, beef and chicken.

DANNOUN Group as well as M & Y Technology and DANNOUN FOODS have also emerged as the leading trader of Import/Export. We have been one of the most reliable suppliers of the government. In the present day we have supplied millions of goods every year in the industry and security services. We have added aluminum, Titanium, solid bar stock and copper in the inventory stick for the past fours. We have our expectation to provide the industry with the highest quality services that is satisfying for the customers. Our automation technology have increased our productivity and efficiency over the years