DANNOUN FOODS: Company Profile

DANNOUN FOODS is the part of DANNOUN Group. The group has under its umbrella M & Y Technologies and DANNOUN FOODS, both of which are pioneers in the field of producing and supplying world class eatables and state of the art industrial products.

DANNOUN FOODS specializes in trading of sugar & poultry from Brazil, Rice from Thailand, Vietnam and Pakistan respectively. In due course of time, DANNOUN Group has come to built-up very solid and strong business relationship with many of the top notch sugar and rice suppliers in Brazil, Thailand, besides the neighboring areas of North America as well as the Far East regions.

The branch locations of DANNOUN FOODS Jordan (Middle East Area Office-Food Products/Eatable); Tunisia (North Africa-Food Products/Eatable); Nigeria (Africa Office-Oil, Oil Products, Heavy Duty Commodities) and Qatar (GCC Countries- our new office of DANNOUN Group.

green vegetables 200 raw bloody meat Eggs and paper

We bring to life not just good services, but valuable industrial and eatery products, which are affordable and within the budget. Get your product ordered from DANNOUN FOODS and it will be delivered right on time. We are responsible for any delays in the product delivery, and compensate for time loss!