DANNOUN FOODS is amongst the top notch and highly ranked food products/eatable & Beverage Company and an integral part of DANNOUN Group. Our world class food products are quite famous and known among the American and North American Laity. The specialized product offering include Sugar Container (Less than 12.500 MT); Sugar Break Bulk (More than 12.500 MT); Rice; Sesame & Flour; Spice Cocking; Herb Cocking; Vegetable Oil; Olive Oil; Halal Meat (Chicken, Lambs, Beef); Live Cattle (Beef, Cow, Sheep, Buffalo); Fish and Sea Fruits, and many more.

Tropical-Raw-Sugar-Cane-small almonds-nutmeg-peanuts-small Fruits

The specialty of DANNOUN FOODS products is that is an essential part of the routine lives of customers. The focus is to provide high quality food products which will bring difference in the lives of millions of customers around the globe.

We offer the best quality Food Products/Eatable & Beverage that are world class and value for money. Efforts are made to make the difference in the packaging of the foods and maintain the international quality of foods. This will keep the freshness of products preserved.

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We also provide custom packaging and supply of high quality live cattle. In the recent years we have traded in the live cattle and exported very high tonnage of live cattle and that too in less of time. We are capable of providing the quantity.

Besides, we also specialize in the exports of premium quality Fish and Sea Fruits. Our packaging team keeps in mind that the fish and sea fruits quality is maintained at all levels and always. Exotic variety of fish and sea fruits are harvested and packed with proper labeling.