DANNOUN Group Companies

DANNOUN Group is the worldwide leading dealers in fresh dairy products and water and have been selling and producing millions of products in a single day. The flavors of the food products are produced in different varieties of flavors and sizes. DANNOUN Group Companies comprise M & Y Technology and DANNOUN FOODS.

At DANNOUN FOODS, we are now considered to be the leading suppliers of nutritional foods. Dannoun Companies have been considered as the recognized dealers who have been contributing in nutrition and health.

M & Y Technology on the other hand is offering innovative solutions in Engineering Consulting, Design, Tenders Analysis, Evaluation and Projects Management for all Safety and Security Systems (Networking & Analogue Software in Arabic for CCTV and Access Control), Advertising Indoor/Outdoor Screen, Networking Instruments, Explosive and Metal Detection, and many more.

Dannoun is one of the largest producers of foods for health concerns and obesity. It is their experience in the Manufacturing & Trading of fresh products that have encouraged us in doing business with it. DANNOUN Group has shown the experience and expedite in different sectors of the industry. We are now opening other sister company and diversifying to meet the most common demands of products for customers that is nutritious food products.

Dannoun Companies are also the distributors of heating and cooling devices. One of the favorite products of the Dannoun food is particularly favorite among the Americans for generations. The specialty of the DANNOUN FOODS products is that is an integral part of the daily lives of customers. The smooth balancing of the nutrients what is generally expected by the customers from the food products. It is the goal of DANNOUN Group to maximize the profits of the company and provide the satisfaction of the needs of the customers. It is fairly achieved with the help of a quality services and offering the best products.

We focus on the production requirement of the product. Our goal of providing service to customers is to provide a high quality food product and ensure a good supply to the customers. The stamped date on the manufactured Dannoun containers symbolizes the freshness of the food product. We believe in conducting business in a manner that is environment friendly.

At DANNOUN Group, we have focused our services towards the economic development of our clients and our customers are already happy to associate with us. We make sure to provide refined and good quality services to our customers and this is the secret behind our long term association with them.