DANNOUN Group and its sister concerns namely M&Y Technology, AL-Mustshat Financial Advisors and DANNOUN FOODS strongly and religiously believes in providing a world top class service so that we can cater well to the needs of our customers. Concerning the security, we provide a complete solution to the different types of surveillance systems. Our services are oriented towards engineering, consulting, design, evaluation, project management and tender analysis. Our networking software in Arabic language has gained wide popularity. Other areas of service are the networking equipment, wires and cable and metal detection.

We are the largest distributers of the security systems in Eastern Canada, Middle East, Africa and North Africa. It is our resources and expediency that has made us implement and a present the world’s top class security system bounded with the latest technology. We understand the importance of security of our customers and our products are oriented towards this. Our state of the art GPS tracking system makes its own place and all the more, we have expertise in developing the smallest, personal, and most advanced system.

Besides then security systems, we have proven our expertise and knowledge in the African Market. Our manpower resources are well experienced in the export of livestock trade & commodities, management of international project, bid preparation and tender documents, fulfill the contract details and build a solid relationship with our clients by utilizing our vast array of resources. We are popular among the customers for the on time delivery of the products. We systematically manage the internal activities of our organization. Our services have been extended over to the commercial, residential and government sectors.

We have ensured that our performance and expertise offers quality consulting service and become expertise in this field. We are offering services in various sectors like front end designing, engineering management, marketing strategy, training, engineering operation, optimization of the product design, chemical process formulation, Investments advertisement and technical and commercial proposal, system operation and design, study and analysis of different tenders and projects and many more.

The proven expertise of DANNOUN Group apart from M & Y Technology, and DANNOUN FOODS comes from the hard work of our staff eventually making it sure that our customers are satisfied. We believe in diversifying our services so that we can fulfill the demands of the customers.