Fish & Sea Fruits

We take the pride in the supply of Fish Seed of major carps (catlacatla, laberorohita&cirrinusmrigala). At DANNOUN FOODS, you can check for the abalone, anchovy, Balmain bug (Austral.), barramundi, bass, blackfish, bloater, blue cod, bonito, bream, brill, butterfish, callop, carp, catfish, clam, clappy-doo or clabby-doo (Scot.), cockle, coalfish or saithe, cockle, cod, codling, crab, crayfish or crawfish, dab, dogfish, dorado, Dover sole, Dublin Bay prawn, eel, flounder, gemfish, grayling, Greenland halibut, haddock, hake, halibut, herring, huss, jewfish, John Dory, kahawai or Australian salmon, kingfish, king prawn, kipper, langoustine, and many more.

Fish and Sea Fruits all weighed after processing and wrapped properly with international labeling in order to ensure quality packaging and smoothness in transportation. We do not compromise on packaging and quality and this is the reason why the Fish and Sea Fruits supplied by us are counted on top in terms of quality and freshness.

At DANNOUN FOODS, we provide the clients with fresh Organic animal health care products. Our products are known to promote supplementary growth in broilers, and all the more improve hatchability in breeders as well as enhance the egg production. All Fish and Sea Fruits are weighed individually and packaged in the clear food grade plastic sheets and every label put thereof will show Brand Name, Weight, Date of Manufacture, Date of Expiry, etc.

Grille d Shrimp Salmon Sashimi Prawn

Get in touch with us for more information on the premium quality Fish products and other factors. We will be ready to serve you on all your needs and make sure that all your demands are met within the limited time frame. Transportation of seafood is done in systematic and professional manner with the necessary raw material using the dry ice & wet ice combination, which will make the difference.

At DANNOUN FOODS, we are always laying our emphasis in the production of superior quality and unique Fish and Sea Fruits that is complete value for money. We have laid emphasis on the structured supply of fish food as the result of which timely deliveries can be made and our clients feel happy about it.