HALAL Lamb & Beef (Cuts & Carcass)

DANNOUN FOODS is a leading producer as well as supplier of the HALAL Lamb & Beef (Cuts & Carcass). Each of the carcasses is packed nicely and hygienically in a polybag and then cotton bag package is built, which would highlight the exact weight. The frozen Halal lamb and beef meat is skinless, fat tail with either ON/OFF option. To keep the carcasses fresh as ever, storage is done at temperatures below -18′C.At DANNOUN FOODS, we sell HALAL Lamb & Beef carcass from Europe, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Australia, New Zealand, Pakistan, India and many other countries around the world, also we can also supply over 1.000.000 pieces of any portion of Carcasses and more than 250.000 Metric Tons of Lamb & Beef cuts according to our partner’s market needs. We can send the shipment to any country around the worlds.

DANNOUN Group has partnered with several of the industry experts and leading manufacturers of different types of eatery brand food products. The ultimate purpose here is to provide high quality food products that are liked by masses across the global for their nutritional value. At DANNOUN FOODS, we give the customers in-time delivery and healthy food products that will bring ultimate difference in the lives of millions of people around.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA variety of beef meat rib lamb chops

All the food and eatery products at DANNOUN FOODS are put through rigorous test measures, before finding entry in different markets across the globe. All calibrations of the food and eatery products are done at the new age and highly advanced facility and this ensures high quality.Cuts of Raw Meat N The freshness of products is fully intact and sends sensation to the taste buds.

DANNOUN FOODS also supplies some of the best quality beef cuts and also premium quality mutton and goat carcasses. We have expert team of farm veterinarians, who are capable of inspecting and ensuring the animal health as this will help in keeping the animals free of any disease. The nutrition specialist at DANNOUN FOODS ensures quality feed. Our slaughtering process obeys to HACCP and Halal standards as laid down for the international standards. All international orders are kept in place and moreover, these orders are booked in advance in order to ensure quick delivery and no delays are caused whatsoever.