Live Cattle

Breeder-feeding-cattleHealthy and Live Cattle is in great demand across the globe. It becomes necessary to get the best quality live cattle that will make the difference in the health as well as business of our clients. At DANNOUN FOODS, our state of the art supply chain management system will bring systematized and easy transportation of the Live cattle. We specialize in the global supply of many varieties of Live cattle breeds, which also includes the cross breeds. Some of the breeds include Sheep Merino, Awassi, Angus, Australian Illawarra Shorthorn, Ayrshire, Charolais, Devon, Holstein-Friesian, Galloway, Charlie, Limousine, Guernsey, Hereford, Jersey, Murray Grey, Santa Gertrudis, Shorthorn, Simmental and several other breeds.

We are dedicated to supply the high quality live cattle to fulfill the needs of agriculture and mutton. Our live cattle supply is consistent and meets the requirements of hotels, restaurants and other global food chains. We make sure that the live cattle are delivered on time and it meets the requirements of our clients. At DANNOUN FOODS, we always make sure to maintain the quality and keep everything in place the entire international orders of live cattle.

Ibex Goat

DANNOUN FOODS is known for its exotic range of cattle to any place in shortest possible time frame. We are always eager to hear the requirements of our clients and give a short call to their requirements.

We provide live cattle supply to the global markets and ensure consistency in quality. The Live cattle is packaged and shipped to the target country without any problem. Order us your live cattle tonnage and we will give you the supply of the required product on time. We ensure credibility in supply orders and ensure that our clients get the best quality live cattle when they require. At DANNOUN FOODS, we are professional and organized suppliers of Live Cattle and keep in mind that on time delivery is made on to the client side.