M & Y Technology: Company Profile

M&Y Technology is Multi-Activity Group strategically located in Montreal, Canada. It is an integral part of huge business conglomerate – DANNOUN Group. The Group is also engaged in production and supply of different types of eatery products. For more than 22 years, M&Y Technology has earned exclusive specialty in niche of Supply, Implementation, Training, Support, Consulting and Development sage products. Over the years of consistent hard labor and cutting edge work strategies, M&Y Technology has transformed itself into leading International Group, developing, consulting and delivering its partners over 50 Countries through its subsidiaries and comprehensive network of Reseller, System Integrators and distributors.

M&Y Technology is Services Sector premium supplier of manufacturing, transportation, Governmental and Residential Solutions. We incorporate the end-to-end automation technologies and also present the comprehensive industry solutions. At M&Y Technology, we are taking the care to augment and put into practice the productivity, efficiency and flexibility of the customers in various realms of industries and other segments.

M&Y Technology is not any usual or normal company, but unique company which has focused it on providing latest and valuable services in the field of Chemicals production, Oil products, Food products, livestock, airport projects, trends, products and services and successfully meet the needs of clients.

At M&Y Technology, efforts are put into practice to enhance the productivity, efficiency and flexibility of our customers in the industry and infrastructure segments. M & Y Technology takes the pride in delivering real time coverage needed by C-level executives and other decision makers with the sole purpose to keep updated with industry. We undertake new construction projects, develop rules, regulations and bring about new age technology innovations.

M&Y Technology is one of its kinds of company with serious intention of focusing on bringing the advanced Chemicals production, Oil products, Food products, livestock, airport projects, trends, products and services that can meet the needs and requirements of clients.

We hold the skill and knowledge of:

  • M.E.N.A. & Africa Markets (Tenders/Projects)
  • Airport Security (TSA & Category X)
  • International Projects Management
  • Residential, Commercial & Government sectors
  • Preparation of Bid/Tenders Documents
  • Maintain Close Relationship with Clients Before & After Sales