M&Y Technology: Company Profile

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M&Y Technology is Multi-Activity Group strategically located in Montreal, Canada. It is an integral part of huge business conglomerate – DANNOUN Group. The Group is also engaged in production and supply of different types of eatery products. For more than 22 years, M&Y Technology has earned exclusive specialty in niche of Supply, Implementation, Training, Support, Consulting and Development sage products. Over the years of consistent hard labor and cutting edge work strategies, M&Y Technology has transformed itself into leading International Group, developing, consulting and delivering its partners over 50 Countries through its subsidiaries and comprehensive network of Reseller, System Integrators and distributors.

M&Y Technology Products

M&Y Technology has its head office in Montreal-Canada. In Pittsburgh-USA, North America the company has Office for Oil/Gas Instrumentation & Industrial. In Amman-Jordan, the Middle East Area Office looks after the Oil/Gas Instrumentation & Industrial equipment. In Qatar, there is GCC office. Nigeria is the center of M&Y Technology for Oil, Oil Products, and Heavy Duty Commodities. Algeria has the office for Beverages products. M&Y Technology is working together with its partners to bring out cutting-edge Petroleum, Energy and Chemicals applications and addressing the strategic needs of process control and instrumentation requirements of the Oil & Gas customers across global territories. At M&Y Technology, emphasis is put specifically on Oil/Gas, Chemicals applications and petrochemical industry related equipment contents.

M&Y Technology offers superior quality and new age industrial range of products like Valves and Regulators; Oil Products; Measurement & Analytical; Control Systems; Metering Systems; Safety Systems; Fire and Gas Systems; Food Additive; Feed & Agrochemicals; Personal Care; Coating & Adhesives; Pharma Ingredients; Household and Industrial Cleaning; Water Treatment; Process Equipment; SCADA and many more.

M&Y Technology: Exclusive Product Range

  • Products Range 1 – (Safety, Security, Police/Military Equipment)
  • Products Range 2 – (Oil products, Gold/Diamonds; UREA, Cement, Used Iron)

The business sector services of M&Y Technology encompasses Safety & Security, Heavy Duty Instruments, Energy, Petrochemical, Oil & Gas Instruments, Piping & Tubing, Medication and Biomedical Instrumentation, Chemical Industry (Water Treatment, Urea, phosphate, Furfural, Toluene, Caustic Soda, chlor alkali, Cement), We also provide Engineering Consultation; Forex Market & Financial Analysis; Projects & risk Management; Airport Infrastructures; Constructions & Sewer pipe; and the Advertising Screens.

We manufacture not only quality products but also ensure that our clients feel satisfied with our products. We are always having the best of products designed for purpose of bringing reliable difference in the industry. At M&Y Technology, our focus and stress is laid on the innovation. We innovate, which is the result that our clients get the best products and that too within the affordable costs. We ensure complete reliability and value to the business of our clients.