Ariel Washing powder Ariel Color

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Washing powder Ariel Color 3kg
Ariel Color & Style with complete 7 technology perfect detergent for every day of your colored linen washing. Thanks to a new formula and more effective cleansing ingredients, Ariel offers concentrated washing powder that helps to achieve the same cleaning results with less quantity of washing powder! You need a lower dose for each wash (70g instead of 100g) so even excellent washing results.

Now it is much more efficient by eliminating hard washable stains by washing at 30 ? C, as it contains a revolutionary 7 Complete protection system against stains, which smooths the fabric fibers. It dissipates dirt particles during washing and they are easily washable. At the same time the colors remain bright and intense as new.

Ariel Color & Style is designed for colored and dark fabric washing from 30 ? C to 95 ? C. We recommend to wash at lower temperature to make your clothes look great and last longer.

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Weight: 3g

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Packaging: 3kg. X4

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