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Camomile with Lemon Grass Tea in tea bags.Product description: Fennel is a highly valued medicinal plant. Fennel contain flavonoids, sterols and volatile oils, which have spasmolytic actions, are anti-inflammatory and diuretic.
This herbal tea:

is used for general digestive disorders & flatulence,
acts as an antispasmodic,
helps to create an appetite,
stimulates the secretion of bile and gastric juice..Nutrition Value/(100g.): Energy:1709kj/407kcal, Fat: 14.9g., Saturated: 0.5g., Carbohydrate:52.3g., Sugars: 0g., Protein:15.8g., Salt:0.2g.

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Weight: 1.75g

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Packaging: 40g. X5

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