Herbapol Ginger with Orange & Quince

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Packaging: 50 g (20 teabags x 2.5 g) x12

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Ginger with Orange & Quince. Ingredients:
Hibiscus flower (29%), orange zest (22%), quince fruit (10%), apple (9.4%), hawthorn fruit (10%), ginger root (7%), natural citrus flavour, blackberry leaf (5.5%), natural flavouring.

The product contains only natural ingredients.
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Taste a warming essence of exotic fruit and discover a sophisticated character of ginger, orange and quince blend. Our Ginger with Orange & Quince tea has a pleasant, refreshing taste and stunning aroma that will charm you and your loved ones.

Our Garden Tea collection equals exceptional fruit teas with perfect flavour. Carefully selected and picked fruit are subject to a thorough inspection and then packed diligently to protect their natural essence. 100% natural ingredients. Large pieces of fruit that you can see through transparent teabags make the beverage outstandingly tasty and aromatic

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Weight: 50g

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Packaging: 50 g (20 teabags x 2.5 g) x12

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