SERTOP TYCHY Cream Cheese With spring onion and onion

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FROM POLISH MILK?..GLUTEN & GMO FREE?..NO PRESERVATIVES, the richness of four flavours in one package is an unquestionable advantage of processed cheese in rounded box type mix. Our cheese does not contain any preservatives or gluten. They are GMO free and contain a significant amount of calcium.
Small triangular portions are ideal for preparing delicious starters served during meetings with friends, for example on party sandwiches. A great simplification is the bar making it easier to open each serving. For those who like to have more portions of a single taste, we also have solo rounded box containing 8 delicious portions of cheese in one type. They are also great for a snack.Nutritional Value per 100g
Calories:1271 kJ/307 kcal,
Fat: 27 g (of which saturates 15 g),
Carbohydrates: 7 g (of which sugar 3 g),
Protein: 9g,
Salt: 2g.

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Packaging: 0.140g x16

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