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Vanish WHITE. We offer the largest assortment of chemicals for washing, cleaning, cleaning and air fresheners. I think most of us have clothes that we do not wear because it has a big problem with getting rid of persistent stains. The Vanish Oxi Action liquid helps you to remove all kinds of stains: from very visible ones to smaller traces that you may overlook before putting your clothes into the washing machine. Vanish can be used without fear for washing white and colored fabrics. It’s worth adding it to every wash!

– Amazing removal of stains already in the first wash.
– Removes stains from fabrics and clothing faster and more effectively than you think.
– The best result is obtained by using Vanish liquid for a fresh stain.
– Rub it or soak for maximum speed and strength.

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Weight: 1g

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Packaging: 1L. X12

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