DANNOUN Group and the sister concerns M & Y Technology, AL-Mustshat Financial Advisors and DANNOUN FOODS, is the leading distributor of different types of products and services in the GCC territory, Middle East , Africa, North America, and Canada.Our headquarters is located in Montreal in Canada. Our goal is to make a good reputation in the world market in collaboration with our vast network of partners who have been contributing their services and expertise to our business, for the fulfillment of the needs of our customers. It is the satisfaction of our customers that holds our reputation and fits us into the space of the industrial sectors.

M & Y Technology and DANNOUN FOODS services are oriented towards the government institutions, companies and individuals. We offer security systems, GPS tracking system, chemicals, oil and gas, solar energy, Anti-Ram systems, consulting services and accessories. The main motive behind our services is to imbibe the latest technology and bring the latest innovation to our customers so that they are fully benefitted with it.

Solar energy is capturing the need of customers to a great extent across the globe, and we are just the expert in this field. Some of the solar energy products manufactured by us are solar electric, wind energy, inverter and controller, solar thermal and micro hydro. The underlying advantages of using solar energy have encouraged us to prove our expertise in this field. Besides solar energy even the oil and gas energy is a good opportunity for our business. DANNOUN Group has been serving customers in accordance with the needs of the customers that are related to oil and gas.

DANNOUN Group and its sister concerns holding the names M & Y Technology, AL-Mustshat Financial Advisors and DANNOUN FOODS, provides the niche market to customers with all the expertise and capability that they demand from the Instrumentation systems and International Commodities. We have made sure that our excellence has spanned over the entire supply chain. Our support services also include contracting on a large scale basis. The service and the work goals provides and indispensable convenience to our customers in the entire life and work environment. We are professionals in the research and development field and we have grown with it. At DANNOUN Group, we always make sure to provide only quality services.


M&Y Technology is Multi-Activity Group strategically located in Montreal, Canada. It is an integral part of huge business conglomerate – DANNOUN Group. The Group is also engaged in production and supply of different types of eatery products. For more than 22 years, M&Y Technology has earned exclusive specialty in niche of Supply, Implementation, Training, Support, Consulting and Development sage products. Over the years of consistent hard labor and cutting edge work strategies, M&Y Technology has transformed itself into leading International Group, developing, consulting and delivering its partners over 50 Countries through its subsidiaries and comprehensive network of Reseller, System Integrators and distributors.

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DANNOUN FOODS is the part of DANNOUN Group. The group has under its umbrella M & Y Technologies and DANNOUN FOODS, both of which are pioneers in the field of producing and supplying world class eatables and state of the art industrial products.DANNOUN FOODS specializes in trading of sugar & poultry from Brazil, Rice from Thailand, Vietnam and Pakistan respectively. In due course of time, DANNOUN Group has come to built-up very solid and strong business relationship with many of the top notch sugar and rice suppliers in Brazil, Thailand, besides the neighboring areas of North America as well as the Far East regions.

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